Filemaker is my choice when it comes to databases.
Here are some tips and tricks I have used over the years which may help you too.

Bar Charts

Using the Substitute calculation and a font I designed it is possible to to easily create percentage bar charts.

Click here for the font (ttf)

The calculation to use is:

Case( field=0, "",
, field, 1))

where "field" is the number field you wish to chart. (Between 0 and 100)

click for larger image

Personalised HTML Emails

Many people ask about generating personalised HTML base emails from Filemaker. This method assumes Filemaker 5 and above, on a Windows machine with outlook express - it may work on the Mac but I have not tested it.

Important information

1. Images and other resources should be stored on a web server if used.

2. The HTML document should be sent as an attachment, to avoid the end user receiving HTML as plain text.

3. You should create a new identity in Outlook Express and set this up for bulk emailing. ie. Change some settings which will make things easier for you.
3a. Unchecked the box under Options>Security which asks whether you want to be warned when other applications try to send email.
3b. Unchecked the box under Options>Send which asks whether you want to send email immediately.

4. Each of the links and references in the HTML template should be absolute.




Code 128B Barcodes

Coming very soon....