What is WakiTiff?

WakiTiff is a solution for automating the naming and saving of your batch scans. WakiTiff allows you to perform large batch scans of large documents, maybe 100 or 200 pages, then separate the multiple page tiff into many multipage tiffs AUTOMATICALLY.

How does it do it?

Using barcode technology. By using barcoded separator pages or bardode stickers on your documents, WakiTiff is able to determine the filename and storage location of your documents.

What are the Features

User definable "Watched" Intake folder. Any files dropped into this folder are automatically processed according to the settings specified.

User definable "Output" root folder. This is where WakiTiff will save your files.

Delete pages with barcode. When checked this option discards the barcoded separator page

Ignore barcodes that don't start with (two character) option. When checked all barcodes that don't start with the characters specified will be ignored. This is useful if your documents already include barcodes

Use folder structure ( \= [char] option. WakiTiff is able to use a subfolder structure, for barcodes which can't display the \ character, WakiTiff will interpret the character you specified as the subfolder character.

Write a logfile. A user definable log file can be made to show which files have been created.

What happens if the file to save already exists? We have 3 options to overcome the existence of the file.
1. Overwrite the file - Useful when the document should be updated
2. Make a new file with new serial number - This option allows a new file to be created, the filename will be appended with a serial number ensuring that the existing document remains in tact.
3. Append new pages to existing file - By adding pages to the end of your original document, files may be increased to add new information.

User definable output folder, this is where the original scanned document will be moved to once completed.

What uses does it have

Filing legacy documents for easy retrieval.
For example, sales contracts. Say you have 5000 or so sales files, currently taking up valuable space in office. Print your separator pages, then put the whole file behind the separator sheet, and repeat the procedure, until you have a stack of documents of the capacity of your scanner. Now scan these documents in one easy step to your Intake folder. Your sales contracts have now been stored and filed electronically, allowing easier retrieval, and giving you the option of getting those paper contracts out of your valuable workspace.

How do I generate the Barcode Pages?

WakiDo or one of the registered resellers will determine your exact requirements for generating barcodes. We will then write a small application which will act as your front end. (Additional fees may apply) We can link into most existing databases or use existing datafiles to avoid re-keying information. The barcode generation application may be installed on more than one computer. It is all about YOUR workflow. How can we help you?

Where can I buy it?

WakiTiff is available from registered resellers. For more information click here.