Here are some Visual Identities developed by Wakido over the years
A visual identity is much more than just a logo. is an up an coming internet entity. The brief was to design an identity which portrayed the professionalism shown by technicians in the performing arts industry. Using the silhouette of people indicates the anonymity of the technician, and the circle is there to imply how much the theatrical world revolves around the technician. The crescent moon is to signify the "around the clock" work of the average technician.

dropArt:aerial dancers
dropArt:aerial dancers are one of Australia's leading performance groups specialising in aerial performance. The brief was to design a logo and identity which was clean and crisp, yet funky and retro-modern.

Balloons Galore (SA)
Balloons Galore - South Australia, is one of Australia's largest suppliers of Party Decorations. With probably Australia's largest range of Balloons on display. The brief was to come up with an identity which was fun and yet still expressed the reliability and "corporate" professionalism associated with Balloons Galore. Using their existing logo - a new feel was brought into their website and promotional materials.

Graphics Galore
Graphics Galore is a sister company to Balloons Galore. They perform a large variety of digital design work, including the designs for the printed ballon arm of Balloons Galore. They wanted a design which would separate the two companies.

Clone Home
A design for Macintosh users group. The design was never used - but I like it so here is


This was a design for a logo and icons for the popular Amiga emulator WinUAE.





of course we also do our own work.